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Ecommerce Business Entrepreneur / Extensive End to End Project Mgmt Experience for Ecommerce Businesses

Having started up over 50 ecommerce businesses of his own from scratch in a long career, in the last 5 years he has set up ecommerce businesses for larger multinational and smaller 3rd party companies, as well as continuing to build his own businesses. Yogesh has agency or reseller experience with many 3rd party ecommerce related companies like Google, Facebook, Adyen, Klarna, Asendia, Shopify, Paypal, Sage, Magento, Worldpay, Amazon, Ebay, etc. Yogesh has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts to push your ecommerce business to the next levels. He also has several successful strategies he has adopted and refined over the years, which have proven to be successful time and time again. Please check out Yogesh's Profile & Website Links.


Software Developer / Web Designer / Researcher

A highly Innovative IT Developer with vast experience in software engineering and computer science methodologies. Java, C and C++ are his  favourite programming languages. He often use Python and BASH scripting for data interpretation and task scheduling in the Linux Operating system. Strong skills on web development from the backend side (SQL, PHP, Node.js) to the frontend (Javascript, CSS) client side. Impressive portfolio of websites developments in all the major and minor ecommerce platforms. Nabil manages a dedicated, experienced, and highly compotent team.



Digital Marketing/SEO

A dynamic professional with over 10 years experience as a paid advertising specialist in social media advertising, competitor analysis, google ads, google analytics, keywords & behaviour analysis, and conversion optimisation. 

Completed work for over 100 websites globally. Expert in SEO keyword research, and managing projects end to end - from project identification to completion and then following up for feedback and improvements. Roshan is also an accomplished marketing mentor, and has written several articles for journals.


Expert Database Administrator / Web Developer

10 years of experience working in data science and web developing. An expert DataBase Administrator, improving products and services for our customers by using advanced analytics, standing up big-data analytical tools, creating and maintaining models, and onboarding compelling new data sets.
Previously, Andrei was a Chief Data Scientist, where he analyzed data from some of the biggest directories and networks in the world to maintain the media services at Top Class level.
Competencies: data science, machine learning, cloud computing, Sql/MySql/Access/Mongodb, Python/Java/C++, network protocols. A keen blogger, and always developing new skills in data analytics.

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Logistics, Payments, Fraud, & Ecommerce Accounting

Raj is our expert for everything finance, payments, and logistics related, A qualified accountant, with his own team, he has a solid 30 years experience in negotiating the best prices with the most suitable ecommerce payment providers, and courier & logistics companies. His team is also very proficient at doing finance and management accounting for ecommerce businesses.


Creative Director

With several years of experience in design, production and photography/retouching, Serena and her team leverage a remarkable depht of knowledge and skill set to deliver relevant and impactful creative resources.

The team embraces a collaborative approach to produce diverse creative across multiple categories. From high-profile brands to boutique brands, Serena and her team strive to help each client complete the transformation from idea to realisation. 

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Customers Services​

After a succesful stint managing teams in several call centres, Cheri has joined us with knowledge and experience in best technoligies and formats for handling customer service. She has a great relationships with 3rd party contact centres and also in managing a small team inhouse for smaller contact volumes.


Business Development / Social Media Marketing / TV Advertising / Marketing

An Entreprenurial MBA graduate with eleven years of international experiences, and a proven track record in Sales & Business Development, eCommerce, & Consulting Industries. Has bought & sold products to some of the largest multinational companies in the world and provided social media services/marketing/TV Advertising for many such companies too.

Applies anaytics skills to inform key stakeholders of performance & trends.

Focuses on KPI's to increase sales and profitability as well as team-building concepts and thrives in fast paced and culturally diverse environments.



Digital Marketing / SEO

Sara and her team are expert digital marketers who promotes brands, products and services through social media, websites and apps. Having worked with google, Sara has a very good grasp of the algorithms employed by them for SEO and also digital marketing. She also has an impressive portfolio of clients she has worked with to help increase their return on marketing through using her innovate techniques. 


Virtual Assistant

Emma & her colleagues are an integral part of our team. Proficient in Bulk Listing on Marketplaces & Websites, Data Scraping, Data Entry, Phone & Email look up, Database Compilation, Email Marketing, and Ad Hoc Tasks. 

Emma's motto is 'quality over quantity' and this is reflected in her good work.

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